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Sumiko Nakano's journey in the amateur MMA world is characterized by a quiet yet persistent dedication to martial arts, a passion that has been part of her life since she was six years old. Though not widely known in the MMA community, her commitment and evolving skill set are notable.


Her training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a significant aspect of her approach to MMA. Focusing on ground combat, Sumiko is dedicated to mastering the intricacies of grappling. This pursuit is not just about competition but about deepening her understanding of the discipline, aiming to enhance her abilities and versatility as a fighter.


Sumiko's background in Taekwondo, a martial art she has been practicing from a very young age, forms the cornerstone of her striking strategy. Her kicks, known for their speed and precision, are a testament to her long-term commitment and discipline in this area. This foundation in Taekwondo gives her a distinct edge in stand-up exchanges, allowing her to manage distance and timing effectively.


In addition to her grounding in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo, Sumiko has expanded her repertoire to include kickboxing. This addition is a strategic move to broaden her striking skills, blending the finesse of Taekwondo with the direct power that kickboxing offers. Through this, she is developing into a more well-rounded combatant, capable of engaging effectively in various aspects of MMA fighting.


Despite being in the early stages of her MMA career, Sumiko's approach is not solely focused on winning bouts but on the continuous improvement of her skills and the embracing of the challenges and lessons that come with each training and fighting experience. Her dedication to martial arts extends beyond the ring; it is about personal growth, discipline, and the exploration of her capabilities.


Sumiko's involvement in MMA, marked by her humble yet earnest pursuit of excellence, is a journey of both physical and personal development. As she progresses in her training, gaining more experience and insight, she remains committed to the path of learning and evolving in the multifaceted world of mixed martial arts.

"In the cage, honor is our guiding light. Every punch, every kick, it's a symphony of dedication and passion.

We're silent poets of combat, and our verses are written in struggle and triumph.

In that sacred space, we find our true selves, our limits tested, our characters forged.

Each scar tells a tale, each victory a chapter, and we pen this epic with heartbeats.

When you see us in that cage, know it's not just a fight; it's a journey of the soul,

a quest for honor, and a pursuit of greatness.


We are fighters, and this is our story."

Sumiko Nakano

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